Introducing Dicky's Ice Cream & Fried Donuts!

Introducing Dicky's Ice Cream & Fried Donuts!

Dicky's Clam Shack will now also be serving Dicky's Ice Cream & Fried Donuts. All fresh ice cream from Acushnet Creamery. Stop by for a cool sweet treat on a hot day!

<center>Dicky's Clam Shack & Dicky's Ice Cream & Fried Donuts NOW OPEN</center>

Dicky's Clam Shack & Dicky's Ice Cream & Fried Donuts NOW OPEN

Open 7 days a week from 11AM-9PM

We appreciate your business!

Dicky’s Clam Shack Keeps It Fresh!

Brand new food truck in Dartmouth, MA

Dicky’s Clam Shack, a new food truck in Dartmouth, MA, is a great spot to come and satisfy your hunger! We promise to have the highest quality and best-tasting food in the area.

We take pride in always using fresh ingredients at Dicky’s Clam Shack, grabbing new ingredients every day to make sure your meal is always delicious. And our wholesome menu is sure to fulfill your mealtime cravings.

You'll love our satisfying menu

Though we take great pride in our delightful seafood menu, we offer a diverse range of cuisine to satisfy everyone. From seafood delights to simple lunch-time favorites, you’re sure to find a great meal for a great deal at Dicky’s Clam Shack.

Our fresh clams will bring you here, and our delicious burgers, hot dogs and great sides will surely keep you coming back! With weekly food specials, new menu items and a friendly staff, Dicky’s Clam Shack is sure to give you a wonderful dining experience in Dartmouth, MA.

Stop in for fresh seafood today

As a brand new food truck restaurant in Dartmouth, MA, we are happy and proud to start serving our food to you and the community.

Our family has been looking forward to finally starting up a high-quality, satisfying food truck in Dartmouth. We are thrilled to serve our delicious recipes to you, and we promise they will not disappoint. With fresh clams and juicy burgers, make your next meal right here at Dicky’s Clam Shack.

Stop by today, and make sure to follow our social media pages!